Don’t Take our Word For It: Why RainTree Oncology Services Says We’re a Star in the (BI and MDM) Crowd

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 By | August 06, 2014
August 06, 2014

One of the best things about working for Information Builders is hearing firsthand how our customers are improving operations through the use of BI and analytics. This has been our core mission for nearly 40 years, and in that timeframe our customers have done some pretty amazing things. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting just a few video examples starting with Scott Skellenger, CIO of RainTree Oncology Services.

RainTree is a leading community oncology alliance that assists its member practices in delivering better and more cost effective treatments for cancer patients. As part of that effort, the organization developed a data analytics platform using our master data management and business analytics solutions. The goal of the initiative was to enable RainTree’s subscribers to analyze key clinical and administrative data to identify patterns and patient treatment pathways.

As Scott states in the video below, this information spans electronic medical records, pharmacy dispense systems and practice management systems. RainTree needed a BI partner who could efficiently integrate these disparate data sets into a centralized repository, and enable its subscribers to drill into details at the individual patient level as needed. Information Builders “boiled to the top” during RainTree’s vendor search, largely due to our commitment to our customers. To paraphrase Scott, we demonstrated our desire to ensure that RainTree’s mission—to deliver better cancer care to patients—was realized in the most efficient way possible.

In addition to our customer focus, Scott was impressed by our master data management capabilities and component architecture. These enabled RainTree to utilize our technology to process, integrate, cleanse and export data into its analytics portal, rather than having to build these underpinning platform components itself. As a result, the company went from the concept stage to selling its analytics portal to customers in a mere seven months—enabling subscribers to use data to further cancer research and promote best practices for effective cancer treatments.

Check out this video to hear Scott elaborate further on his experiences with Information Builders, and keep an eye on our blog for additional success stories in the future.